Now, or: Nev…

A poet’s limerick

Sit down on your fat ass and write a poem
in jammies rumpled with beard graying uncombed
you're all alone at home
no calls on your phone -
write now before thoughts nimble have flown

25 thoughts on “Now, or: Nev…”

  1. My brain has fleeting thoughts that often refuse to stay put long enough to reach the written stage. Limericks are very difficult to me. Your gift of writing so many types of poetry is wonderful.

  2. Limericks are difficult for me so I enjoyed yours! Inspiration always hits me when I have no pen at hand… so must recite lines in my head until I can put them down.

    1. Really, Muri? That’s so interesting to me – I find limericks to be among the easiest to write! Once, I an idea came to me just as I was putting my daughter to bed, and I forced myself to repeat it over and over again in my mind, just in case I fell asleep and wouldn’t get to it in the morning!


  3. Ah yes, too often the nimble thoughts have flown off before I’ve had a chance to write them down. Thankfully, having a cell phone helps, to type those thoughts in the Notes app — but sometimes I’m too dense to think of doing that ๐Ÿ™‚

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