Some of my best friends are anonymous

On the one hand…

When I step back and think about it, the blogosphere seems such a strange realm; and I’m old enough to have grown up without the Internet so I have perspective on this. Still, one need not have been born before the Internet era to be struck be the notable differences between people’s “in person” relationships and “online” relationships.

For example, what would it mean to have an anonymous “in person” friend? Here on WordPress, on the other hand, it’s entirely normal that some of the people that I interact with most regularly are anonymous.

Also, for most who do not blog anonymously, there necessarily exist limits as to what we can comfortably post because our blogs are public. Would we write publicly about difficulties in our romantic relationships, careers, childhoods, etc., given that our loved ones, coworkers, and friends could read those posts?

Indeed, while I certainly believe that meaningful relationships can be birthed, developed, and sustained online, we must consider how much we actually know of our “long distance” friends. given that we have, essentially, no access to their lives other than the glimpses they grant us. What are they like offline? What are we like?

On the other hand…

Speaking personally, I tend to feel disconnected from many of the people I interact with in person, largely because my head is often very much in the clouds. So many others seem to be focused on practical, earthly matters that wear me out.

Despite my skepticism regarding anything supernatural, I find conversations about belief, the history of religion, the sociology of religion, etc., very stimulating. Also, politics – deep political analysis fascinates me. And, of course, poetry – the exploration of the human spirit and reality filtered through the human eye.

In a sense, therefore, when I think about this blog on WordPress, and when I find myself wondering how well it actually reflects who I am despite all that I omit from it, I feel that it actually reflects much of the real me. This is where I thrive, in the realm of words and concepts, which lend themselves to introspection, poetry, and musings. These are the kinds of interactions I wish I could have with people “in person” – I’d love for all of my conversations to be over images and verses.

Really, as I consider this further, I feel that one cannot possibly know me very well today without taking an active interest in my Skeptic’s Kaddish. Here is where I explore life’s meaning.

53 thoughts on “Some of my best friends are anonymous”

  1. Well said! I don’t blog much anymore — it started becoming too personal and I wasn’t comfortable with it. I do post the odd poem, and that seems to be suiting me just fine at the moment.

  2. Such an interesting post. I definitely have an online version of myself and an in-person version. In all the versions of myself, there is not one that fully reflects who I am — I’m not even sure I am well acquainted with the authentic “me”. Maybe that is in part what I am searching for here on WordPress. I appreciate the thought provoking post, and I am enjoying reading your poetry!

  3. i get you ! i feel like my online ‘presence’ is more real than what i’m like in real life, because i don’t constantly have to worry about being judged by everyone plus i’ve met the coolest people on wordpress ! great post !!

  4. I relate so much to what you’ve shared. I do feel my blog reflects the real me. Who I am when I feel safe to be authentic. But feeling comfortable being real is something I still work on in real life. I actually feel my blog and interactions in the blog world are helping me practice being authentic. I feel I’ve become more authentic in real life as a result of being authentic here.

    Though I’m anonymous my husband reads my blog. I think it’s a good thing for our relationship and my blog. He says my blog sounds like me, but he can tell I’m able to plan more what I say here than in real life speech.

    1. I feel I’ve become more authentic in real life as a result of being authentic here.

      This is so wonderful❣️

      I think it’s a good thing for our relationship and my blog.

      That’s also fantastic 🙂 You’re very lucky to have such a relationship!

      Thank you for sharing!


  5. “And, of course, poetry – the exploration of the human spirit and reality filtered through the human eye.” That’s such a poetic way to describe Poetry!

    This post is so true! I’ve made so many like-minded friends here than I have in real life and it feels wonderful to write as much as I want and not be judged. This place has so many different stories and perspectives, it’s like a postcard from the world on most days.
    I love the freedom, anonymity gives me, it’s not too important because no one in real life knows I have a blog (except my parents) 😂 I hope I can start using my real name soon but I’m not comfortable just yet.
    Thank you for sharing!

  6. You have expressed so well what I feel. ”In person” I would be very selective with whom I shared some if my thoughts. On my blog I feel there is the freedom to express things knowing that they will resonate with some and there is no compulsion on others to read, let alone comment. There is a certain release and magic in letting these thoughts fly. Also, a stimulus in reading others, such as yours, where the depth and exploration excite the mind. For me, the delight is in discovering questions I’ve never thought about before.

    Thank you

    Tricia Blog: Book of poems: Stones in the Stream by Tricia Heriz-Smith Sent from my iPhone


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