From the first, or: Fatherhood

My first Cyrch a Chwta

Girl, from the first it's been true
your sweetness surpassed all who
poop, cry and coo, as babes do.
Watching you skip at the zoo;
you bathing, smearing shampoo;
laughing at Winnie the Pooh...
Since the hour that you were born,
every morn, faith soars anew.

47 thoughts on “From the first, or: Fatherhood”

        1. Hmmm. :)) Yes guess that’s what I was thinking – might be funny to parents but maybe confusing to kids. Especially with an unfamiliar image. But yay for the cheering! And the vocab learning. :)) πŸ™Œ

  1. I feel something new about the poem. It is cool and entertaining. You have picturised the baby girl very well. Every father is proud of his daughter.πŸ€—πŸ‘

  2. Much ado
    About little loo

    And what I find most endearing is the unconventional photo accompanying the eight-lined kirch a choota.

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