Form, or: Substance

My 1st Awdl Gywydd

What forms could ideas take,
should they make friends with meter?
Do they gain aught from rhyme schemes?
Might love themes make them sweeter?

P'raps stiff attempts at versing
are but forcing strained meanings,
while rhymers discourse treat cheap,
which with deepest soul-words rings?

17 thoughts on “Form, or: Substance”

  1. I am thoroughly enjoying this discussion – let us practise the play with words which stirs the soul through every re- creation from which deeper meaning comes

  2. This is a difficult form (in my opinion) and that first stanza is awesome! The second is good as well but feels a little forced… The internal rhyme gets me every time!

    1. I totally agree with you, Muri. The second stanza had me tweaking it over and over again just to get something decent. I’m still not totally satisfied with it.


  3. Much appreciation for the form and substance. Both are valuable. Besides writing poetry is an art and a craft. The different styles, the various traditions and patterns to form a poem is fascinating and supple enough to wrestle with recurring themes and issues that run through society or our lives in general.

    Of course all poets are individuals and would use their unique talents and skill at rhyme, meter or verse in whichever way they wish to express themselves on any particular recurring theme.

    Your first Awdl Gwydd, well, all I can say it’s a beautiful word pattern posing thought-provoking questions and seeking answers from the poets out there.

  4. David, I think that all of the forms and conventions of poetry work for some poems and for some poets. They need to be evaluated on a case-by-case basis.

    I will say that I found trying to write a sonnet did not work well for me. Everything was OK except the iambic pentameter, which I found did not resemble normal speech enough to please me. I kept the poem but rewrote it without iambic pentameter. I have learned from other poets on WordPress, including you, and have found several new formats that I enjoy using.

    There are some poets who seem gifted enough to write to any prompt and in any style. One poet I am thinking of is Ingrid. I don’t think she can write a bad poem! David, It seems to me that you are also doing a lot of experimentation with great results! 🙂 All the best! ❤

        1. actually, Dolly, I ended up tweaking the words a bit more because I wasn’t quite satisfied with what my “forced form” was doing to my intended meaning 😀

          and, now that I think about it further, I’m still not really satisfied with the 2nd stanza.

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