No one ever becomes a master

We are all apprentices in a craft where no one ever becomes a master.

-Ernest Hemingway (1899 – 1961), New York Journal, 1961

Shared wisdom

My poet-blogger-friend Suzette posts quotes every day (Suzette’s blog is amazing) and shared Hemingway’s words of wisdom (above) with me in a recent exchange of ours.

I was expressing some frustration with a Welsh-style poem of mine and how it it was refusing to conform to my desires, and this enlightened and humble Hemingway quote was exactly what I needed at that moment…

Thanks, Suzette 🧸

39 thoughts on “No one ever becomes a master”

      1. Preach. :)) Also though you made me realize, as I re-read your description of trying to make your poem conform, that perhaps he was referring to the fact that in the best writing the true master is god.

        Thanks for that reminder David! By the way, you’re pretty damn good at this craft yourself, y’know. :)) xoxo

          1. on wp? just the one; I tried to start a professional one on but never really stuck with it; instead referred people showing up on beaconsocialcare to my fb page where post/share on political issues and a bit of humour. But my heart these past few years really has been in the poetry-to-be here; perhaps you are referring to the diferent categories here?

  1. No one ever becomes a master. But yeah! You can be your own master. A true/real and honest person is better than an uncontrolled one.πŸ™‚

      1. I hope you never break our friendship by doing so. I’m simple boy David and I feel lucky to you have as my friend.

  2. Yes, “this enlightened and humble Hemingway quote” is a good reminder for us all. Thank you for passing it along, {{{Ben}}} ❀ Have an enlightened weekend. ❀

  3. Oh great, it is always great when one of the greats offer advice like a master.
    Because scripture offers timeless advice on many areas in our lives, this is why I so appreciate the reading of sacred texts as well.
    I love the quote, expressed by one who knows.

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