Luscious, or: Sweet, raw peach juice

A ‘Magnetic Poem’ tanka

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tongue licks luscious sweat
finger smears sweet, raw peach juice
bared breasts aching, "please"
heaving deliriously
death goddess smells blood in her


  • For this poem, I decided to return to the ‘Original Set’ on the Magnetic Poetry website;
    • At first, the lack of an obvious theme left me utterly rudderless (other sets include ‘Geek’ and ‘Nature’), but then a number of suggestive sex words jumped out at me so I pulled these out to see what might come of them;
    • However, this set of words left me dissatisfied – it was too easy to paint the picture of a carnal act with them;
    • I wanted to add some sort of a twist so I continued looking through the magnets and chanced upon the word ‘death’, which immediately sent my thoughts flying in the direction of sexy vampires;
  • I again opted for a tanka, rather than a haiku;
    • The extra two lines (14 syllables) provide me with a greater challenge, as well as with a larger canvas for my word-brush;
  • I searched for and found the featured image of the pale, ginger-haired woman with fang marks on her neck after writing the fourth line of the tanka;
    • That was after I had decided to give the poem its unexpected ending.

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