The ABC’s, or: XYZ’s

Although Being Comical
Does Every Father Good,
Hilariously Irreverent Jokes
~ Likely Misunderstood!
Not Only Parental Quips
Reproached So Thoroughly;
Unintentionally Vexatious Ways
& eXcessively Youthlike Zeal!

Note to self:

Never attempt this again.

47 thoughts on “The ABC’s, or: XYZ’s”

  1. You tortured yourself for a good cause, David! The poem is very well-done and amusing. Like the photo also. I completely understand never wanting to go through that experience again. I will heed your advice and never attempt it! All the best! 🙂

  2. Very cleverly done! And then capped by that note to self! 😂 I was thinking it when I realized it was alphabetical, how challenging hehe. :))

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