Remember, or: Repeat


God helps those who help themselves.

Benjamin Franklin (1706-90)
Beasts, frogs, locusts, lice
Plagued blood boils at the darkness
Pestilence hails death

28 thoughts on “Remember, or: Repeat”

  1. I think in the end, we are held responsible for history repeating itself…We lack love and compassion and understanding the damage we do..until too late…Yes, we must change if we want something better for our children…and their children ๐Ÿ™

  2. As Passover approaches, the story of Moses and the plagues visited on Pharaoh have parallels in this modern world. Yes it is depressing and scary and the danger continues to lurk in the shadows BUT G*d is good and righteous. I believe in deliverance.

  3. I don’t know about Franklin’s quote…
    Like sweeping it under the carpet, dusting off the hands, turning around and that’s it….close the door…
    And yes many are working around the clock…depending how one looks, it is a war out there.

    But yes harsh and sacred words you bring in verse

    And yes,…if my people will hear my voice
    Throught it all.

    1. Oh, that’s so interesting, Abi. I think of Franklin’s quote as saying that we have to take our world into our own hands and work to make it better. And in the context of this poem, we must do so in the face of terrible plagues – both real and potential.

      1. I don’t know in which context the quote was coined but I’ve read and heard how loosely, just about on any spiritual or social matter it is raised …and most times it made me feel choked up particularly in situations of utter despair.

        I’ve seen people, practically watched them day and night work around the clock.
        I’ve seen wards cleared, decontaminated and declared covid free.
        This is only the beginning, in this regard there is a whole lot still to be done.
        The work and devastation varies from country to country.
        Nations who don’t have a history of living or growing up with a functioning health system, overtime their immune systems are compromised. It remains difficult for them to make it through on their own.
        That said, let me sing some praises for some scientists, epidemiologists, physicians, physiotherapist and nurses down under my side of the world. They have some of the most effective treatments for covid 19.
        There is so much to learn.
        Health workers should treat people, no matter how mild or moderate. Don’t send them away and hope for the best

        David I digress.
        I appreciate your understanding and acceptance of the quote and to work with it.

  4. Poignant and chilling poem. I find myself wondering at the key inspiration… at what you, specifically, feel are the modern plagues, David… xoxo

    1. Good question, Lia.

      Certainly the actual pandemic we’ve all been facing; also increasing polarization and tribalism between human beings. Those are the biggies for me, I think, but there are certainly others too.


  5. Another of those enigmatic sayings that means everything and its opposite. The plagues are real enough, and I’m not counting on God or any man in particular to do much about them.

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