Leavened bread, or: Technology

On Jewish holidays I must
   draft poetry in my head

   For lack of laptop, I dare trust
      my memory instead

This Passover, I did not just
   hanker for leavened bread

   Still, all last night, I long discussed
      the Exodus instead...

And now I type, ere neurons rust,
   and soon I'm off to bed!

24 thoughts on “Leavened bread, or: Technology”

  1. Thatโ€™s how poetry used to be composed of course! I was thinking about this the other day: if you compose a poem in your head, by definition it has to be memorable!

  2. What you won’t do
    Do for poetry.

    Family get togethers and the atmosphere of the dining table is well worth visiting at this time.

    Love the pattern that was woven in words after you closed the discussion before you went to bed

    As for me I can’t see those well polished neurons settling down to rust

      1. Yes, this is true, in some areas life slows down but still it is good to settle into the adjusted pace and take it from there

  3. Well, I love this. I have to study up again on Passover and Exodus. I can’t seem to keep all the facts in my old head. But your poem is delightful, with or without religious/cultural/historical knowledge. :))

  4. I was driving (long distance) and had a poem come to me. I recited that poem over and over for about 3 hours until I could put it down on paper. A most trying time! I love this set of couplets that are almost a chant poem – charming!

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