Pink, or: Ultraviolet

A haibun

Nearly twenty years ago when I was in my mid-twenties, I drove to the District of Columbia from my parents’ home in New Jersey to meet an online friend of mine in person. This was during the famed National Cherry Blossom Festival, and we walked about together, chatting outside under the hot spring sun, enjoying the fantastic flowers in bloom.

The following day, back at home in New Jersey, I gingerly patted the top of my head and, with much surprise, discovered a painful sunburn. That was when I came to realize that I was balding.

crystal-like pink gleam
majestic sakura sun


Haibun: Cherry Blossoms

Today at d’Verse, poets were prompted to write haibuns about cherry blossoms. This particular memory of my youth that I’ve shared with you came to my mind immediately.

81 thoughts on “Pink, or: Ultraviolet”

  1. Wow, I was born and raised in Jersey and I remember my middle school had a cherry blossom planted in the garden. I remember thinking it was snowing but when I looked closer, the petals were falling everywhere. Thanks for bring back that beautiful memory.

  2. What a way to find out such a discovery! I still remember my friend handing me my first grey hair with glee. I was 16. Love the haiku!

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