Pink, or: Ultraviolet

A haibun

Nearly twenty years ago when I was in my mid-twenties, I drove to the District of Columbia from my parents’ home in New Jersey to meet an online friend of mine in person. This was during the famed National Cherry Blossom Festival, and we walked about together, chatting outside under the hot spring sun, enjoying the fantastic flowers in bloom.

The following day, back at home in New Jersey, I gingerly patted the top of my head and, with much surprise, discovered a painful sunburn. That was when I came to realize that I was balding.

crystal-like pink gleam
majestic sakura sun


Haibun: Cherry Blossoms

Today at d’Verse, poets were prompted to write haibuns about cherry blossoms. This particular memory of my youth that I’ve shared with you came to my mind immediately.

81 thoughts on “Pink, or: Ultraviolet”

  1. I was amused that you will always associate that very pleasant time with discovery of your thinning hair. Odd how our memories are structured, is it not?

  2. That’s why God made hats, David. I like imagining you as a young man, strolling along with a friend under blooming cherry blossoms. Nice haibun.

  3. can’t help thinking about that conversation, obliterated first by the feast of the flowers and then again by the sunburn – what might it have been about, that was worth driving all the way… the scene is very vivid, David.

    1. Well, I don’t often think about it, and now I’m used to being mostly bald so it doesn’t occupy my thoughts much. Plus I have a beard these days so that’s some compensation ๐Ÿ˜‰

      Thanks, Ron!


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