Clean, or: Dirty

A clean limerick

She goes through loads of laundry every night,
Stuffing beckoning front loader tight,
Presoaking downy delicates fine,
And of soft dryer fuzz not a sign!
Oh, her fluffing & folding fast delight!


Poetics: Put your Words on Spin Cycle

For this d’Verse poetry prompt, we were instructed to write laundry poems. This could mean anything we want it to: 

  • Write about a tryst that starts at the laundromat;
  • Tell us what happens to all those missing socks;
  • Air some ‘dirty laundry’;
  • Write a tiny poem that might have been found crumpled in a pocket when sorting the laundry;
  • Write a poem full of laundry instructions. How would you wash the moon? A broken heart? Hang a daisy out to dry? 

OR: If we were still feeling a little stiff and starched, we could throw 3 (or more) of these words or phrases into our poem dryers and see what tumbled out: fluff & fold; spin cycle; permanent press; wash & wear; cycle; dryer fuzz; machine wash warm; tumble dry; dry flat; presoak; wrinkled; front load; rinse; fine delicates; clothes pins; downy; tide.

My inspiration

The world’s dirtiest song

58 thoughts on “Clean, or: Dirty”

  1. Although I dread doing laundry, I find it very satisfying. That’s my relationship with all household chores I think. (K)

  2. Hey I want to participate in the prompt challenge too but I’m unable to find and copy my url . Can anyone guide me as to where I can copy my url.

      1. Actually I’m not able to figure out how to copy my url which is required fr entering the competition…that’s my issue..still thanks

          1. Still thanks,btw how was your shabath …doesn’t it feel boring not being able to check ur cell and other things

          2. Well, yes & no. As a modern human being (especially one with an active blog) I do start getting restless and start wanting to write poetry… but the family time and time away from technology is definitely worth it. Also, I’ve been doing this for many years now so I’m used to it – and when I started observing the Sabbath in a traditional way, I didn’t do everything at once – I adopted various traditions and religious restrictions one at a time until they felt comfortable to me ๐Ÿ™‚

            I wrote a bit about Shabbat here –


          3. Yes a kind of digital detox u can say. I feel very fascinated by various cultures, love reading about culture abd traditions on jerusalem…wish u luck

          4. Aparna,

            I’m also fascinated by various cultures! That’s one of the things I most love about our blogosphere ๐Ÿ˜€

            Take care,

  3. Lol, I picked up some the lyric

    Otherwise too snotty or is it nasally

    I’m just amazed how you can turn is picture into words. I struggle with that and if I do find words it feels so superficial

    A wash and fold you are lucky to have one like that.

  4. Perhaps if I’d been introduced to limericks like this one I’d have a better appreciation of the form. Bravo on the use of the words/phrases as well as completely destroying this prompt!

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