Lim, or: Ick

I don't know whether to lim or ick;
One structures, while the other runs slick;
Sometimes rhymes won't flow
Or don't know where to go;
But then this humorous form does the trick

46 thoughts on “Lim, or: Ick”

      1. Oh I meant “Very fun and adorable; including the link you included” – but now that I visit the link again, I realize that what I thought it was pointing to (“fast food in your area” was actually an *advertisement* for fast food (which had popped up at the top of the site you’d linked to – which, in my hyper/over-fast read, I thought was you equating limericks with fast foods of poetry)! In fact, yours was a link to -lim in different languages haha. :)) (Also nice.)

          1. SE, please feel free to call me David. ‘ben’ means ‘son of’ in Hebrew. Your blog post and art are truly lovely.

            All best,

  1. aabba
    I love it
    Beautiful picture
    Compliments to the photographer

    Happy to note how the limerick gave you a flow. I like that, expressing your dilemma in a funny way

    1. You know, Lauren, my Mom claims that she is “unable” to follow recipes. I’ve always regarded that claim of hers with great skepticism ๐Ÿ˜‰


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