Circumcised, or: Barely

Sevenling (I am such)

My 1st sevenling

I am such a friggin' Jew; circumcised; born 
in and residing in the capital of Israel; always,
always walking around with a yarmulke.

I don't compose poetry in Hebrew; I 
don't hate; I have difficulty believing in my One 
True God, let alone in any foreign ones.

I am just as different as I am.

I discovered the ‘sevenling’ form on Ron Lavalette’s blog, and I just had to give it a go! (this probably won’t be my last one)

49 thoughts on “Circumcised, or: Barely”

  1. […] David fires off a poem that just stops me. He did it with his sevenling (another new form to me) I am such, and that prompted me to start this post. Then while still pondering that poem, he popped out […]

  2. This really hit me, and it would take an entire blog post to explain why. Hm. If I decide to do that, may I link to your poem?

    First of all, I’m intrigued by the sevenling form and will check that out.

    But you also know I’m in the process of conversion, and so I see things so much differently from someone born into not only a religion but a culture. That’s both a blessing and a curse. The whole poem jarred that for me, but I have to say the phrase “I don’t hate” just stopped me in my tracks. I’m not sure what you meant by that, but I know how I read it. Thank you for the thought process…

    1. M., please feel free to link to anything I write – you don’t need my permission. And I would definitely love to exchange thoughts and impressions with you over things like this. I’m a big Jewish dork like that 🙃


      1. Thank you, for both. I do worry that in my clumsy way (and I keep being told that I’m overly blunt) that I will inadvertently offend. That would be the furthest thing from my intent. It would be wrestling with my thoughts, and sigh, yeah, sometimes probably poorly stated. So that’s my disclaimer. ♥

  3. Sometimes it is hard to believe in the invisible. Nevertheless we tell the story of deliverance.
    Sevenling is an attractive, concise, form. Kudos on your driving it home.

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