Circumcised, or: Barely

Sevenling (I am such)

My 1st sevenling

I am such a friggin' Jew; circumcised; born 
in and residing in the capital of Israel; always,
always walking around with a yarmulke.

I don't compose poetry in Hebrew; I 
don't hate; I have difficulty believing in my One 
True God, let alone in any foreign ones.

I am just as different as I am.

I discovered the ‘sevenling’ form on Ron Lavalette’s blog, and I just had to give it a go! (this probably won’t be my last one)

49 thoughts on “Circumcised, or: Barely”

    1. Thank you, Leenda ❤

      Here in Israel, it just ended, but in the diaspora it will end on Sunday night!
      Tomorrow I can drink whiskey again!

      All best,

  1. Probably won’t be your last? I certainly hope not. It’s a pleasure watching you playing with these forms. You’re well suited to this, my friend. Exploring these different structures and styles. You’re like a kid at play but with the skill of an artist.

    1. I actually felt uncomfortable writing, uncomfortable looking for a picture for it, deeply uncomfortable publishing it…

      You’re unsurprisingly perceptive, Muri.


  2. Your honesty and authenticity come through clearly in this poem. And the last line gave me that jolt I get when I read a great sentence. The kind that resonates in your mind, like music that connects with you.

  3. Introspective, revealing, humorous, and perfectly true to the Sevenling form. Awesome work.
    I can almost guarantee that you have more sevenlings to compose. Don’t say i didn’t warn you.

    And thanks for the shout-out.

  4. I really like the tone of this one and subject 🙂 PS my non-native tongue trips up at the rhythm of born… wants to say ‘born and residing in… Don’t know what that is about. And now I am looking forward to hear the frigging Jew writing about hating as well 🙂 Lovely poem, thank you David 🙂

  5. Sevenling…. interesting. It’s great how you try new forms of poetry. Thank you for writing

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