Images, words, or: Sounds perhaps?

Sevenling (Units of thought)

My 2nd sevenling

Units of thought would seem to be
unknowable; perhaps my most basic intent
is conveyed in... images, or... words, or... sounds...?

What is necessary, at minimum, to
understand me? What content do my screams carry? Or
this gritted 'Fffffuuh' sound I make? Or seven tortured lines?

The force of even my most noxious profanities is

14 thoughts on “Images, words, or: Sounds perhaps?”

      1. Probably. In truth Diabetes Australia maked the glucose ones and have discontinued the black ones. They were made from Anise. The ordinary ones are vile

  1. Neigh
    is….without a ?
    unknowable or intent is the artist or poet’s prerogative, I would think?
    Like hieroglyphics, for the reader to decipher.
    All to their own anxiety or delight.

      1. Thank you David.
        Poetry is like that, however it allows for freedom of word image or sound on the side of the reader as well

  2. Love the line breaks! I am considering the sevenling – again and still but haven’t jumped to work on one. My muse is unmotivated currently, possibly due to an over consumption of licorice jelly beans.

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