Your drive, or: Love virus

A ‘Magnetic Poem’ tanka

Wanna try? Click here.

figure out your drive
hack the online content stream
upload love virus
intelligent performance
will boost network of writers


  • For this poem, I decided to make use of the ‘Geek Set’ on the Magnetic Poetry website once again;
  • This poem was inspired by my post yesterday, in which I shared some contemplations about how to successfully grow one’s subscriber count here on WordPress (hint: it’s the human touch);
  • I once again opted for a tanka, rather than a haiku;
    • The extra two lines (14 syllables) provide a greater challenge, as well as a larger canvas;
  • I searched for and found the featured image only after I had written the entire tanka.

19 thoughts on “Your drive, or: Love virus”

  1. I really enjoyed this one! You make the Tanka look easy and the magnetic poetry just puts on another layer of difficulty! The love we need should spread as easily as this dratted coronavirus!!

    1. Muri, in truth, I wasn’t thinking about COVID-19 when I wrote this, but all of the comments, more or less, have alluded to it! It was probably in my subconscious!


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