Shabbat, or: The Sabbath

My 2nd Shadorma

She draws me;
Jews' age-old decree;
Through her we
are set free
for our holy day weekly ~
we simply can be

I was recently exposed to the shadorma form of poetry by Kerfe and Lauren. As always, I had to give it a go… this is definitely one of those short forms that challenges us to pack as much as possible into every word. Quite lovely, really – I enjoyed this form!

Note: the form need not rhyme.

35 thoughts on “Shabbat, or: The Sabbath”

    1. I don’t discriminate against forms of poetry, Dolly (nor against cultures, nor against peoples for that matter)… so why not? 🙂

      Also, I didn’t know you were into poetic forms! Do you write any poetry yourself?


      1. Not that I am into poetic forms, but I am familiar with some.
        I wrote poetry and short stories in the old country; both were circulating in Samizdat (I am sure you know what it means). A curious incident: a friend once stopped by to share a Samizdat story with a glowing, “Just look how this guy is writing!” I looked; it was my story. I asked,”What makes you think it’s written by a guy?” “Oh, a woman would never write like this.” Just reminiscing…
        As to poetry, I had had a premonition on the the day the KGB came in with a search warrant and I burned all the dangerous materials I had at home, which included my own poetry and short stories. Since that time, I cannot bring myself to write poetry. A friend sent me three of my own poems that he had managed to bring to Israel after perestroika.

          1. Dolly, did you mean ‘sexist remark’, or did I miss something?

            I was referring to the burning of your written works and your inability to write poetry since then.


          2. My bad: I meant “mysoginistic.” My son and I were talking about someone who presents as homophobic in counseling and how to address it, so the word just popped out. It happens to me sometimes.
            As to the aftereffect burning, it’s one of those Freudian blocks. As you can see, I do write, but not poetry.
            Have a great day.

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