Jerusalem twilight, or: Captured

Jerusalem sky
twilight gashes; mauve and peach
soon to disappear

37 thoughts on “Jerusalem twilight, or: Captured”

  1. A beautiful poem, David. ‘Twilight gashes’ – yes, it really does gash the sky with those gorgeous colours. Such a fleeting moment of joy!

  2. โ€œ Soon to disappear, โ€ should I take it in normal way or Is their any different meaning of this line?

    1. Lokesh, as Edgar Degas once said, “Art is not what you see, but what you make others see.”

      So the real question is ~ what does it mean to you?


          1. You have described evening of the Jerusalem in your poem. It flows well.

            Evening > Twilight > Night

          2. My papa is sick. And I have just lost my bade papa (one of my father’s elder brother). So, the situation here is critical. I’m a bit comfortable.

            In the morning I went to hospital to meet my father. Along the way I saw everything is closed. Humans are living in the fear inside their houses. You just see a few policeman’s standing on the main road, monitoring everything.

          3. No need to say sorry. I shared with you because I know how much you love your father.

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