Too tired, or: Too inspired

Of poems in my mind swirl a bevy,
As caffeine surges over grey levee;
My heart pounds ever faster,
Craft rushes t'ward disaster;
My wayfinding won't help w/ head heavy

38 thoughts on “Too tired, or: Too inspired”

  1. Really nice writing – I was hyper as a child but then I had to be – not so much any more and I love my caffeine – great post, hugs, Joni

        1. I stay clear of caffeine. I believe I have mentioned many times, ‘I am hyper as it is, any more and they will have to peel me off the ceiling.”๐Ÿ˜Š

  2. I’m decaffeinated but I remember this feeling! I see it in my husband as he waits for the coffee to enter his blood stream and hit his cerebral cortex…

  3. Sometimes the ideas can be like a storm, and it’s difficult to make sense of the chaos. I’ve found papers where I scribbled notes in a flurry. It’s neat to look at, with ordinary eyes, to those outpourings of thoughts.

  4. You always use two words as title of your poem David. And those two words contrasts sometimes.

    1. Well, Lokesh, sometimes it’s two words, and sometimes it’s two phrases. And sometimes they contrast with one another, and sometimes they do not ๐Ÿ˜€

          1. You get very emotional when you talk about your papa and your community.

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