38 thoughts on “Too tired, or: Too inspired”

    1. Well, Lokesh, sometimes it’s two words, and sometimes it’s two phrases. And sometimes they contrast with one another, and sometimes they do not πŸ˜€

  1. Sometimes the ideas can be like a storm, and it’s difficult to make sense of the chaos. I’ve found papers where I scribbled notes in a flurry. It’s neat to look at, with ordinary eyes, to those outpourings of thoughts.

  2. I’m decaffeinated but I remember this feeling! I see it in my husband as he waits for the coffee to enter his blood stream and hit his cerebral cortex…

        1. I stay clear of caffeine. I believe I have mentioned many times, ‘I am hyper as it is, any more and they will have to peel me off the ceiling.”😊

  3. Really nice writing – I was hyper as a child but then I had to be – not so much any more and I love my caffeine – great post, hugs, Joni

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