Prime, or: Crime Minister

My 1st verso-rhyme

My pen's not for intrigue
~but~ I'm fuming
at our Prime Minister's
great arrogance;
insane power complex
ugly machinations;
and grievance dance!


The political insanity that Israel has been embroiled in for the past two years (four elections have been held during that time period!) is primarily Prime Minister Netanyahu’s fault from my perspective. This is not a matter of left- or right-wing politics. It’s a matter of an indicted Prime Minister facing trial and having lost the trust of the citizenry to the point that he cannot cobble together a stable governing coalition to remain in power.

The reason I say that that this is not about left- or right-wing politics is simple. There is no question that the majority of Israelis support a right-wing government; and the only reason that Israel doesn’t currently have one is because of Netanyahu. In other words, he is striving to keep himself in power at the expense of the well-being of the entire State of Israel.

There literally seem to be no limits whatsoever to the lengths that Netanyahu is willing to go to remain Prime Minister. He’s willing to lie; break the law; incite against government institutions; employ racist propaganda; prevent the passage of the state budget; you name it.

The Knesset hasn’t been able to pass a budget for two years(!), and, therefore, many critical government services haven’t been available to the weakest sectors of Israeli society. Last year, Netanyahu had the opportunity to pass a budget, which he had agreed to pass, and he didn’t. Why? Because preventing the passage of a budget was the only way for him to prevent another politician (Benny Gantz) from taking the reins of government.

I desperately hope that his politically disparate opponents manage to form a broad coalition and remove him from power. The coming several days are critical to this endeavor. A country’s politics must not be held hostage by, nor revolve around a single individual – the current, ongoing reality continues to do untold damage to the State of Israel, its people, and its democracy.


Netanyahu needs to go, Israel needs a reset – opinion

(written by the editor of the Jerusalem Post)

22 thoughts on “Prime, or: Crime Minister”

  1. Crime minister seems to apply to most politicians. They think they can get away with it, and mostly they do. I sympathize–life is much better without Trump hanging over my head. (K)

  2. I tyhink there is a fundamental problem with our democracies, not with the people, per se. But it just strikes me that anybody who wants the top job so badly… then the top job has more power attached to it than is healthy. I’m talking anywhere, here, not just Netanyahu.

    1. I agree. Pete. And I’m glad that other government institutions in Israel have enough power to curb Netanyahu’s insanity (Supreme Court, Attorney General, other political parties)… otherwise, I think he would be more or less the same as Putin at this point.

  3. I know this is a sensitive topic, but I’ve never understood why so many Israelis subscribe to right-wing politics when twenty-first century conservatism and ultranationalism are overtly associated with fascism. Do you have any insights?

      1. Again, thank you for sharing that post by Dan Perry. It seems like it’s a classic chess gambit, occupying the space to mitigate the risk of a weakened border. I know there’s a lot of difficult history there with anti-Zionists associating with both Nazis and anti-fascists. It seems as though nothing is easy when it comes to Israel. Very sorry, but at least Netanyahu’s unrestrained power isn’t as much of a threat to socialist progress as it once was.

  4. David, … could have said much the same about the English PM, alas.

    henhouselady – imho there is always nuances, and above all, there is always something even an individual can do.

  5. So sorry to hear this – I thought the US was the only democracy with a power crazed criminal lunatic formerly (Thank G-d) in the White House… Hope some normalcy can be achieved. As for the poem – Bravo! I enjoyed this new-to-me form and your execution of it.

  6. Things are pretty much the same where I live. Your prime minister and mine are good buddies too!

  7. I agree, although the fractious nature of Israeli politics generally — the whole “three Jews, four opinions” thing that, combined with the egos of the leaders, leads to multiple tiny parties rather than a few large ones — doesn’t help.

  8. It sounds like things are the same all over the world right now. The people running things are so power-crazed they will do anything to remain in office. It doesn’t matter what party they belong to.

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