17 thoughts on “Fingertips, or: Poets”

  1. Lester Bangs writes about playing the typewriter on the stage with a punk band called the Mekons. It was his instrument. I read your poem and smiled thinking of it.

    1. Wow; that is a piece of history! I did a quick Google search, and came up with this (from HERE):

      his finest hour may have come when he played typewriter at Cobo Hall in Detroit with the J. Geils Band.

      I love that you thought of that πŸ˜€


      1. I think Lester was a fine writer. You might enjoy his work. There are a couple of collections which are worth reading. His piece on Astral Weeks is pure art. I wonder if I misremembered or if he played for the Mekons too!

        1. I hope you enjoy his writing, it is somewhere between Beat and gonzo…I just wish there was footage of Lester playing the typewriter.

  2. I’m not the least surprised that you gravitated to this near Haiku form… and of course you are an expert at distilling the emotion and drama into a few short syllables. I really like this one!!

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