Fingertips, or: Poets

My 1st naani

Fingertips trace keys with silent 
wisdom // Each one a poetic 
genre // Each its own 
form // Strokes

17 thoughts on “Fingertips, or: Poets”

  1. I’m not the least surprised that you gravitated to this near Haiku form… and of course you are an expert at distilling the emotion and drama into a few short syllables. I really like this one!!

  2. Lester Bangs writes about playing the typewriter on the stage with a punk band called the Mekons. It was his instrument. I read your poem and smiled thinking of it.

    1. Wow; that is a piece of history! I did a quick Google search, and came up with this (from HERE):

      his finest hour may have come when he played typewriter at Cobo Hall in Detroit with the J. Geils Band.

      I love that you thought of that 😀


      1. I think Lester was a fine writer. You might enjoy his work. There are a couple of collections which are worth reading. His piece on Astral Weeks is pure art. I wonder if I misremembered or if he played for the Mekons too!

          1. I hope you enjoy his writing, it is somewhere between Beat and gonzo…I just wish there was footage of Lester playing the typewriter.

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