Tips for bloggers #1: Your profile – linking to your blog

Getting over the hump

This post is a departure from my regular content, and it’s only intended for WordPress bloggers who are 1) new to the blogging game, and 2) would like to increase their subscriber counts.

For most of us, the majority of our readers are WordPress bloggers. That is why I would like to be helpful to new bloggers – I was in your shoes only one year ago.

Therefore, I have decided to post one blogging tip weekly. I have sensed a great deal of curiosity for such advice, as many burgeoning bloggers have reached out to me for support ever since I posted an entry about reaching 2,000 subscribers.

Now, say what you will about Donald Trump, but he was certainly correct about success breeding success. That particular entry of mine, which I posted less than one month ago, has already been viewed more than 1,000 times: more than twice as much as any other blog post I’ve written.

Also, it took me 9 months to get to 1,000 subscribers, 2Β½ additional months to get to 2,000, and I am now at nearly 2,500 only several weeks following that. This leads me to believe that for those who want to increase their subscriber counts, the most difficult work comes at the beginning – just as we are beginning upon this blogging journey. Once we’ve achieved a certain level of popularity, others naturally gravitate towards us. So the question is – how can we get ourselves to that point?

I have never taken a blogging course; all of my advice is based upon my own intuition and limited experience. Also, I think it is important to note that some of my very favorite bloggers are people who make no attempts to increase their subscriber counts – they are content to write purely for themselves, and I have tremendous respect for that. You need not necessarily feel that you must attain a lot of subscribers. Blogging for yourself can be very rewarding.

Anyway, let’s get on with this week’s piece of blogging advice!

Your profile

Starting with the basics

Most of my advice is very fundamental, and this week’s focus is no exception.

All too often, somebody likes one of my posts or leaves me a comment; and, curious to know more about them, I click on their icon, only to discover that either 1) the URL that they have provided in their profile takes me to a defunct blog, or 2) they have not included any URL in their WordPress profile at all.

In fact, I have friends on WordPress whose blogs I have had to search for myself because their profiles don’t include links to their blogs. Friends, if you want other bloggers to interact with you on your blogs, you must include links to your blogs in your profiles!

How to edit your profile

When you are on the backend of your blog, there is a little circle on the upper right of your screen with your user icon on it.

See where that arrow in the upper right is pointing?
Here’s a close up

To edit your profile, you must click on this little circle, which will take you to your profile page.

How to add a link to your blog

Once you have gotten to your profile page, you should scroll down to the bottom until you see a section titled ‘Profile links’

The arrow pointing to the left is pointing at ‘Profile links’, and the down arrow on the right is pointing to the ‘add’ button.

When you click on the ‘add’ button, which you can see in the image above, a menu will pop up next to your cursor with two options:

  • Add WordPress site
  • Add URL

Now, for the purposes of this exercise, let’s click on ‘Add WordPress site’ because that’s really the most fundamental aspect of your WordPress identity. (You can always add other links later)

Once you select ‘Add WordPress site’, you should see a list of your WordPress sites appear:

The down arrow is pointing to an unchecked check box, which you should check.

Click the unchecked check box next to your active blog’s icon and name; then, click on the ‘Add site’ button, which is below the check box.

And… that’s it. Now your potential WordPress friends and subscribers will be able to easily find your blog simply by looking at your WordPress profile.

As I said before, very fundamental.

60 thoughts on “Tips for bloggers #1: Your profile – linking to your blog”

  1. Thanks so much for this. I’ve been blogging for about nine months and set myself a target for this year to reach 100 subscribers, which I was ecstatic to reach about a month ago, but I had no idea I was missing such a fundamental step in the visibility of my site to others. All sorted now, thank you πŸ™‚

  2. Thank you, that was super helpful! I hadn’t realised I hadn’t done that yet, doh!

  3. Wow David, this is such a simple tip and I didn’t know about it! I’m off to check my settings now…I’m growing my audience gradually but do still want to grow it!

        1. I had that same thought. It’s both amusing and sad. Other bloggers are naturally less interested in the substance of our creative content than in how to run successful blogs for themselves. 🀷

        2. Ah well, such is life I suppose. At least we can find people who genuinely appreciate our creativity as well! 😊

  4. Thanks David. A regular post like this would be very helpful. I enjoy blogging myself, but I spend more time reading other people’s blogs. There are so many fantastic blogs! πŸ™‚

      1. I checked my profile and found that it was my deleted blog there and I hadn’t linked this one. It’s fixed now. Thanks, David!

  5. Thank you. While I’m happy to see my blog grow, I haven’t pushed it. I also see every day where I still have so much to learn. This being one of those things. Again, thank you. I will watch to see if it makes a difference.

    1. Rebecca, I don’t think any one blogging tip will bring a dramatic change, but if we attend to all the details, I think we’ll find success over time.

      All best,

      1. Thank you David. No, you’re right, I wasn’t expecting anything dramatic. And truth be told, I’m one who gets excited over comments left more than most of the rest. Followers mean little if there is no interaction.

  6. Thank you for this tip. I had no idea how to do this, and have now completed it. I look forward to your upcoming posts. Happy Monday. πŸ’—

  7. THank you very much for this. I’ve been blogging for around a year but i need tips like these. I have done what you have suggested. and very much appreciate your good advice.

  8. Oh ffs. I’ve been blogging for HOW long? I could have sworn I had this filled out. I wonder if I cleared it out at some point, in one of my “I’m outta here!” phases and never put it back. So yes, I just learned mine was blank. Yay for me the link to my blog was correct. So I will work on that, at some point in the near future.

    I’m not concerned with follower numbers. I never have been and never will be. (Probably, maybe.) I like followers, sure. We’re all little attention whores in the blogosphere! But I don’t really care what my numbers are. I get a bit snarky when they go up by getting bogus followers (keto-diet bloggers, I’m looking at you). Even still, this was a nice reminder post that was easy to follow.

    1. I’m glad you found it helpful, M.

      Yes, I totally understand that not everyone is concerned with increasing their subscriber numbers. In fact, I didn’t think about it at all at first, but WP really makes it incredibly noticeable for us… (intentionally, of course)

      And I realized that a good number of bloggers are concerned with this because I started receiving a lot of comments with questions about how to get more subscribers…

  9. as for getting bloggers to look my blog it seems I may be piggy-backing on your success πŸ™‚ I notice in me the inclination to do it a la AA principles – waiting for resonance and need. The name for my blog speaks for it.

  10. Great information David!
    Thanks, I hadn’t a clue about this and let’s be clear it’s the great content you write that pulls people in prove that! πŸ’–πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

  11. Thank you for pointing this out, David. I have now done this and was even more surprised to see a link there to social media! I must have done this when I first set things up 😊

  12. Thanks from a newbie blogger. I just started writing and include a photo with each post. I asked my daughter if she liked my blog. She said I don’t read it, but I like you pictures. I never thought about my profile. I should check it out and see what it does or doesn’t say.

  13. Thanks so much for this post, David! What a great and considerate idea. I have work in my site’s back-end a fair bit but never noticed this. Now I know why, when I visit others’ profile links, their blogs aren’t listed either. πŸ™Œ

  14. Thanks David–this finally shows me a way to get people to kblog from methodtwomadness, since WordPress won’t let me do my own link for that blog. (K)

  15. The first Article on the subject matter is very important and useful and fruitful for the beginner. I appreciate your method of conveying. Thanksgiving for guidance.

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