Through my eyes, or: In your arms

My 1st sijo

Carry me to safety in your arms \\ to somewhere far away
Where is your reassuring smile \\ which always soothes me so?
What if COVID gets in through my eyes \\ when I cry in fear?


  • My intent was to write a sijo poem related to the global pandemic;
  • The poem was directly inspired by the featured image, which I found before I began writing.

27 thoughts on “Through my eyes, or: In your arms”

  1. David, poignant and beautiful poem! ❤ I have great sympathy for the children who have endured this pandemic. Some have been robbed of more than a year of their normal childhood experiences, growing up in a threatening world. In some cases, the losses have been offset by having loving parents at home to mentor them. Lovely photo!

    All the best! 🙂

  2. Too much of the world isn’t even close to a recovery phase. And it makes me angry that people who have the choice still refuse to get vaccinated. It’s a small price to pay to help the community. Not only your own, but in these global times, those of the entire planet. What price this “freedom”?

    1. Agreed, and I’ve written about that. Although I do make exceptions. I know somebody via WordPress who suffers from PTSD from years of physical abuse for whom sovereignty over her body is essential for her psychological well-being, and she doesn’t want to be pressured into getting a shot.

      In such a case as hers, I have difficulty feeling that she’s in the wrong.

      1. I would agree with that. But too many here see it as a badge of their opposition to the democratic party, or government in general. I wonder how they would actually cope with anarchy. Not well I would expect.

  3. Seems you have a real affinity for the syllabic Japanese forms! I love your sijo and it has a very real emotional component… well done!

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