Dungeons, or: Dragons

A ‘Magnetic Poem’ tanka

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Dungeons & Dragons ~
I always liked that geek game
which played in my head
we interfaced with our brains
war with evil never crashed


  • For this poem, I decided to make use of the ‘Geek Set’ on the Magnetic Poetry website;
    • I am, after all, a geek 🤓
    • This particular poem was inspired upon my childhood experience of playing Dungeons & Dragons a LOT;
  • I once again opted for a tanka, rather than a haiku;
    • The extra two lines (14 syllables) provide a greater challenge, as well as a larger canvas;
  • I had to “cheat” a little for this poem because I didn’t have enough s’s or ed’s;
    • Specifically, I had to copy and paste the words ‘played’ and ‘brains’ into the poem, after putting those magnets together separately from the body of the poem;
  • I searched for and found the featured image only after I had written the entire tanka;
    • This is a free stock photo

22 thoughts on “Dungeons, or: Dragons”

  1. The younger one is 27. The older one is 36, but she was never that much of a gamer. My 35 and 45 year old nephews, on the other hand…

  2. Fantasy games are good mental exercise. I remember my brother playing Avalon Hill board games (BC–before computers). I don’t think my girls ever did Dungeons and Dragons, but my younger daughter still indulges in games of some sort. I remember her looking for them when she was unpacking in her new apartment. (K)

  3. I never played D&D. My friends and I played Dungeoneer, which was kind of a (very similar) competitor. I have to say, that I never really enjoyed it. I think I would have preferred a science fiction setting to a fantasy one.

      1. I used to enjoy playing D&D, too. Even more than that, I loved creating player characters and NPCs, and I had a friend who loved drawing dungeon maps. Between us, we built more campaigns than we could ever play. Fwiw, I think I was probably a mediocre DM and a terrible player, but I still enjoyed it.

        1. Rosliw, I never liked being the DM… I loved playing 🙂

          I can’t say I was any good at it in particular, but I would role-play with my friends every chance we got.


          1. Wow! It sounds like you had some rich tabletop gaming experiences in your youth. That makes me really happy. I was familiar with the 2nd Edition books, but I never played with them. I had stopped gaming by the time they were being published. I had started with the original books, and we used some of the Advanced D&D books. But, I couldn’t find enough kids who wanted to play it with us regularly. And it wasn’t a lot of fun playing with just one other person, so that part of my life just fizzled out. I never forgot about the good times I had though. At the same time, I am gladdened wherever I discover people who did or still do partake in tabletop RPGs.

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