Threat, or: Promise

My 1st Tawddgyrch Cadwynog

Based on a true story

"If you don't play, I'm gonna die!"
Her end was nigh; What could I say?
So? Yay or nay? My child's not shy...
Should I comply? I sighed. "Okay."

Some later day, she threatened me -
"I'll die! You'll see!" sulked little fae.
Patience did fray; I sipped my tea,
Counted to three and frowned her way.

But then I smirked at funny thought.
My wink she caught; had her ploy worked?
I acted irked, though smile I fought;
Small shoulders caught; away she jerked.

I tickled her to save the dear;
She, in fifth gear, her arms a blur;
To tricks deter one must be clear...
Instill some fear... teach, as it were.

15 thoughts on “Threat, or: Promise”

  1. This is lovely ☺️ I saw a good slogan written on a wall in Catalunya once ‘If life doesn’t smile upon you, give it a tickle…’

    1. having spent 6 yrs in Wales, I did not learn the language but at least to pronounce place names, so let me try: tauthgyrth cadwynog 🙂

        1. … and I still got it wrong: the -ch is as in the Scottish loch; btw pronunciation should be easier for the tongue used to Hebrew than English 😀

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