Loose peoples, or: One tightly knit?

My 1st ‘blues stanza’

Oh, Hebrew has long been our people's tongue
Holy tongue, it's always been our ancient tongue
That few know today for we're so far-flung

Most Jews have seen it only in prayer books
Though most don't ever open up prayer books
How many give the Torah even single looks?

Diaspora Jews from Israel live split
Peoples since Babel times are always split
Are Jews loose peoples or one tightly knit?

Foods, customs, history also cultures define
But more so our shared languages cultures define
We Jews fast unraveling, no longer entwined

We're scattered across shores of oceans blue
Words foreign float across those oceans blue
Oh, what unites us? Perhaps I never knew...

d’Verse prompt:

Blue Tuesday

At d’Verse, we were prompted to “write blue” ~ a splash of blue, an ocean of blue, a shimmer of blue. Gaze into the distance, or look down at the sapphire on your finger. Take us to the Blue Ridge Mountains or the Blue Lagoon. Pour a Blue Monday cocktail, slap some blues on the juke box and let’s poem.


50 thoughts on “Loose peoples, or: One tightly knit?”

  1. I feel (without really knowing) that only once a people try to unite around something you really get to know how different we are…

    I think every nation will fail to try to build such a common ground… we just have to accept our differnces.

  2. This is such a well written, thought provoking poem. It is the traditions that tie you together no matter how far flung you have landed. It is a more cultural tie than a religious one for many these days, regardless of the path you walk. David, I do hope the current unrest in Israel has not affected you and your family. It is so sad to see what is happening there 😢

  3. Jewish is a people, a religion, a metaphor. Nobody seems to know which came first the people or the religion, and does one define the other. You are part of a wandering people, with threads and root tendrils. There’s cohesion in it, even when it drifts like marine weed 🙂

  4. Honest, hard questions from the heart. They can make you blue, cold, indifferent. Keep seeking answers. I believe God loves Israel as He loves every other people. Covenant is covenant. But you alome have to find your answers. The blueness of a wound cleanses. That is somewhere in the Bible.

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