Tech support, or: Emet (compiled)

A mystical Rabbi from Prague 
Taught philosophy weekly by vlog; 
'Twas recorded by Golem, 
Who managed the forum 
From the back of Old-New Synagogue

The great Sage, in slow, measured breaths 
Gave new meanings to old Shibboleths 
But this so flustered Golem 
That none could control him 
And the truth thus became Golem's death

Came the wild hordes of Gog and Magog, 
Cheering Golem's destruction in Prague; 
Death had come of God's truth 
When self-doubt conquered youth; 
Redemption- could emerge from Man's fog

From below, Golem heard the great war, 
Grasping then that the truth was much more 
Than a threat to forfend, 
But a gift to defend, 
He arose from the ground and the gore

Thus was Golem's resurrection - 
For he was, like men true, a good son; 
He thwarted God's plan 
By safeguarding Man, 
Thus achieving his own redemption


Open link night

OLN means we can choose any one poem to post today โ€“ no specific prompt, form, rhyme scheme, or length.

As usual, I am sharing an old poem of mine, which I wrote nearly one year ago when I first created this blog. It’s a narrative of my own creation, based upon Jewish mythology. The two stories that inspired this piece are the myths of Golem and the War of Gog and Magog.

This poem was originally written as a series of limericks, which were each posted separately.

64 thoughts on “Tech support, or: Emet (compiled)”

      1. Youโ€™re welcome!

        Iโ€™ve also been to the Altneuschul in Prague ๐Ÿ˜Š and I first found out about the Golem from reading the books of Zโ€™ev Ben Shimon Halevi.

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