Milk, or: Cream

My 1st pantun

This form has been referred to as a riddle.

Steaming earthy buckwheat soaked in milk
Borscht and pierogi topped with sour cream
Wells bored in hot golden sun-soaked silk
Southernmost sanctuary on seam

Beer Sheva

Beer Sheva, Israel is the city my mother’s parents moved to after leaving the USSR in ’74, and it is where I used to visit them as a child during the summer months. It is also mentioned multiple times in the Bible, especially as the location where Abraham and Isaac dug wells and formed alliances with Abimelech, king of the Philistines.

The sanctuary at Beer-Sheba was regarded as the extreme southern point of the country in contradistinction to the sanctuary at Dan which was held to be the northern point (Amos 5:5; 8:14). Thus the phrase ‘from Dan to Beer-Sheba’ (Judg. 20:1, etc.) was the customary designation, at least until the days of David and Solomon, for the entire area of the country.

Jewish Virtual Library

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  1. Oh somewhere along the grape line I’ve come unsubscribed. Weird because i was always in your network of followers.

  2. Its quite weird, others here and even new people have access to this blog space. I don’t get notifications at all. Something isn’t right. I never know when you posted a new blog, that is really weird.

  3. A wonderful read. Abraham and his son were industrious indeed. Laying the foundations for future towns and cities, and of course for generations to come. Pantum, as I read is indeed the perfect form to describe these two distinctive themes….food and work, they belong together.

    Somehow you don’t allow me directly into this space anymore.
    No sweat, you have your reasons.

    1. Abi, thank you!

      Also, I’m not sure what you mean by me not allowing you directly into my space – nothing could be further from the truth! I’ve noticed your absence, and missed you greatly, but I assume that you were simply busy or not feeling well… so I didn’t want to pry.

      I’ve never rejected a single one of your comments or done anything to keep your voice from appearing on my blog – you are among my favorite correspondents here on WordPress… if something is preventing you from commenting on The Skeptic’s Kaddish, it’s not me!

      Much love,

  4. I like this form! It is sort of like a Ghazal, has the feel of the Landay yet has a nice rhyme scheme too. I am tempted to include it in the August scavenger hunt….

  5. You are making me hungry, David! ❤ In Russia to adopt my two youngest children, I developed a fondness for a chopped salad with lots of sour cream and pelmeni, also with sour cream. I still frequently make the salad! I enjoyed a cabbage and chicken soup at the orphanage, which I failed in replicating.

    It sounds like you enjoyed your grandmother's cooking! Have a great weekend!

  6. This is interesting. The name of your blog is also interesting. You’ve gained a new follower.

      1. I answer to either. Saschia is my first name but around these parts people call me Jayne. I’m glad you signed your name David because I would have called you ben. 😆😆

        1. Saschia,

          Yeah, I know it’s confusing! David is my first name, and ‘ben’ means ‘son of’ in Hebrew. My father’s name was Alexander, and my blog is dedicated to him and was created in his memory.


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