Appropriation, or Appropriate?

My 2nd landay

Pashtun women created landai
Is cultural appropriation appropriate?

32 thoughts on “Appropriation, or Appropriate?”

  1. I studied the qasida (and wrote adaptations of the form) as part of my PhD and was called out for “appropriating” at a lecture I gave in London. No one has called out poets for writing American Sentences based on haiku – or even haiku – or for having “stolen” the Italian sonnet. I gave up even trying to have a discussion about it.

  2. Thanks for the link to that article. It is rich in so many questions without answers, not the least of which concerns the fraught relationships between men and women, and the ways women still struggle to be acknowledged and heard, even in cultures that pretend to equality. As to cultural appropriation–that’s a hornets nest. (K)

  3. thanks. I have a proposition – an experiment I am doing with similar project: Create a stack of index cards, write one poetic form on each, leave a few spares, obviously, Then centre, decide what you want to write and pick one card/form at random. That’ll be the one for the day then. Then write, Happy writing, David. 🙂

      1. I thought it was related too! 😊❤ I have a very good friend who lives in Israel and I suggested her to read your blog. I realised you share the same feelings towards your country. 💙🇮🇱

          1. A little better today after a migraine yesterday…a bit worn out! But everyone has their little bit of suffering, small compared to that of those Afghani girls! Baby is great and smiling lots and starting to coo.
            I have been thinking of you! My prayers are with you for safety and peace…there has been enough sadness over the centuries. My husband has been reading Tevye, the novel Fiddler on the Roof is Based, and it is rather heartbreaking! May peace and kindness prevail! 💐

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