Dear Dr. Seuss, or: Should I say Mr. Geisel?

A tribute

I once was a boy,
a few decades ago,
that took joy in your words;
in your humor and flow.

Read most of your books,
though perhaps not them all,
even some adult stuff,
though I was yet quite small.

Read Cat in the Hat
more times than I could count;
your wit shaped my childhood
a stupendous amount.

So often I would go off and
For your rhymes filled a need;
filled my need indeed

Still, then I grew older,
heart older and colder.
I aged!
But years later I had a child!
I aged!
Then years later,
my lil girl smiled;
she'd found my book;
her tinkling laughter beguiled...
'I know you're grownup
and concerned about money,
but your old book 
looks like it is very funny!' 

'Could you read Dr. Seuss to me?'
asked my child.
'Read me this story,'
said my child as she smiled.
'I've read other books
like Winnie the Pooh...
Oh, please, Abba'chka? I'll just climb up on you.'

And then, of course, I
heard my grownup voice say,
'I never imagined that I'd
see this day!'

So you see, Dr. Seuss, 
you shape my life anew;
you make my daughter smile
and leave me smiling too.
Good humor and rhymes
are what life is about.
Your old ageless rhymes
helped me figure that out!

d’Verse poetics prompt:

Poems to a Poet

The prompt was to select ONE favorite poet and write a poem either:

  1. About them in the indirect voice, or
  2. Addressing them in the direct voice


  • The poem’s title must include the poet’s name
  • Try and employ something of the poet’s style
  • There are no rules for meter or poetry form

127 thoughts on “Dear Dr. Seuss, or: Should I say Mr. Geisel?”

  1. Aah very well good job, in the same style with playful words and rhyme. Dr Seuss is great.
    Tribute Poem was touching and heartfelt to me, how two worlds connected two different children, with one being already grown up:) recognisable, also;)
    With friendly greetings!

  2. I love this tribute to Dr.Seuss, and you, David, adhered admirably to the style and rules. I agree of course, Dr. Seuss started a lot of us to be fascinated with words, reading and funny poetry. Dr. Seuss is now going on 3 generations in my house:) and from my ancient saved copies.. that traveled all the way to Costa Rica with me:) when I was a small child.

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