Fudge nuggets, or: Shnookerdookies!

My 1st cascade poem

Curse words constantly boil up inside me
They spill over when I'm speaking to myself
Would the word Fuck degrade my poetry?

I wonder if something is wrong with me
Are other folks less frustrated than I am?
Curse words constantly boil up inside me

I harbor many dark and angry thoughts
Most of the time, I don't give them expression
They spill over when I'm speaking to myself

As a poet, I so want to honor the art
Every time I compose a verse, I ask myself:
Would the word Fuck degrade my poetry?

77 thoughts on “Fudge nuggets, or: Shnookerdookies!”

  1. It won’t yk it’s just everyone their own POVs and to me everyone gets angry and sometimes it’s just fine to let it out in that way…😌

  2. The difference between being subtle and abstract is the difference between knowing and saying it in a gentler way and not knowing and saying it in a way that will let you off the hook. To be abstract with the word is all right if you use it like paint and seek the pure word, but it is difficult, in the language, to have near purity without near meaning. (Charles Bukowski, Beerspit and Cursing)

      1. I hereby give you the Charles Bukowski Award and permit for Poets to use any profanity in the interests of artistic integrity🍷🍸🍹🍺🍺🍻🍻🍻🍻πŸ₯‚. Use it wisely. Freedom, David! Freedom!

  3. I love the word ´´fuck´´ since it is available in so many circumstances, not least of which are verb, adverb, noun, pronoun etc. Versatile and yet, I´d hesitate to use it in ballads or love poems. Like this piece!

  4. I as a rule avoid cussing. My grandmother always impressed upon me that using swear words was a sign of a small mind…. I have always attempted to convey the meaning and message without any swearing… My husband feels that a well chosen swear word can be very effective when used sparingly!!

  5. The word “F…” is particularly offensive because the original meaning is “to strike.” To me, sex should never be violent or abusive… playful, joyous, passionate, transcendent, affectionate…many things, but not violent.

    I do live in the real world and know how to appreciate the speaker’s or writer’s intent regardless of language I don’t care for. I do use an occasional curse word, but it is not something I feel compelled to do. Early in my teaching career, I got myself in trouble with the “A” word and the “S” word. There is a time and a place. πŸ™‚

    Thank you, David, for writing about this subject! ❀

    1. ❀ Cheryl ❀

      I hear you, and there's a reason why I don't use the 'F' word & other curse words out loud much at all.

      You know, on YouTube, there's a very funny [in my opinion] video about how versatile the 'F' word is (don't watch if if you don't want to hear the 'F' word repeated multiple times). The video mentions the German root of the word, which you noted:

  6. F___ No David❣️
    I just sent this to a client who is BTW 70 f____ 9 as she would say. She will rattle off about 6 swear words in a second and then say … “I really need to stop this”.. I say why? she says cuz “it only makes me feel better for about 5 seconds”. “5 seconds is 5 seconds I say” but then she says…. “well, it’s not good”.
    Hers isn’t in written form but at near 80 I should hope I can just be kind to myself and let myself say whatever the F___ I want. πŸ€—πŸ’—

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