Blue, or: Very lonely renga

lonely haiku cloud
seeking companion verses
knows nothing but blue
imaginary soulmate
offers kind lines of comfort

cautiously hopeful
small cloud responds in renga
alas, daydream passed

33 thoughts on “Blue, or: Very lonely renga”

  1. This hits very close to home as I’m in the throes of a failed Renga that is looking more and more like a solo effort!!

  2. It depends how we think. For now, I’m happy and motivated so, I would like to draw a picture in the frame of the blue sky.

      1. He is fine. Although, it takes few months to get full recovery.

        My studies got disturbed. I’m preparing easy to follow schedule. With my poor experience in past 3-4 months, now, I’m more aware the present, and the way I have to give direction to my life.

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