Dehumanization, or: Zoology

My 1st double acrostic poem

How can you view me as nothing more than a cockroach?
Unabashed, you respond, no... More like a dark, shaggy emu.
Matter of fact, could you play dead for me like a possum?
Alas, some others (but not I!) think of you as a wicked flea.
Nevertheless, you blend in with humans just like a chameleon.
Indeed, your kind feigns the sweet devotion of a welsh corgi.
Though, really, we know that's a ruse, you... loathsome insect.
Yes! Fine, it's true! I admit it, you horrid, disease-ridden fly!

24 thoughts on “Dehumanization, or: Zoology”

      1. I know I could, little Brother! It is getting scary. I won’t wear my star of David outside right now. My son and I were joking, Asian and Jewish heritage, the perfect storm…it ain’t really funny though, is it…

          1. He has got tough, he works out every day, is lifting weights, and coming home from baseball refused to take off his batting helmet…and carried his bat in his hand. You know what, David, he is kind, sweet, funny, intelligent, very handsome, and I know he will do great in life. We have to think about our safety more than I would like. For instance, he can’t wear hachimaki (Japanese head band) to sports practice. I appreciate you caring, David. He has promised me one day he will take me to Jerusalem on a vacation. We will be ok. His head is held higher, he isn’t bowed…and has been looking at family history and been more interested than I ever was…

          2. San Francisco – O and here is me thinking it might be France. Trust the bad old USA to be antisemitic zenophobic and plain daft. It’s as though such places, San Francisco, I mean, have some sort of ghostly life, existence of its own. A big fat spider casting its web of hate and fear.

  1. Well done! The topic however makes me sad. That humanity is so callous and willing to demonize each other. Even knowing that that tactic is just that – a tool of hate – still we believe and follow. So much energy spent unravelling the lies and unknotting the hate, it is no wonder we keep falling for the same snares.

  2. Cleverly done acrostic. Hatred smacks the reader in the face. That phrase ‘your kind’ always gets my hackles up.

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