Never-ending, or: Uncomfortably

My 2nd sijo

Poetry demands truth \\ which makes it difficult to write
Sometimes my fingers quiver \\ and I must distract myself
Many never-ending moments \\ bring me uncomfortably close

45 thoughts on “Never-ending, or: Uncomfortably”

  1. just thought of something – have you tried timed writing? – you write whatever comes, keep pen/keyboard moving until time is up. It might jut give you a deeper focus/sense of your voice.-

  2. Hmmm…I actually disagree with this premise. I don’t think poetry necessarily demands truth. I think that poetry, even poetry comprised of fiction and falsification, often reveals truth.

      1. I’ve been a fan of Peter Murphy’s Challenges for the Delusional writing prompts. At the end of every prompt, there is a directive to “tell a secret, tell a lie, and never tell anybody which is which”. I found this so much more freeing and also, the poems that I felt more liberty to change the details sometimes wound up having more truth to them. Just sharing what works for me.

    1. Matt, that’s definitely true, but even when I write poems that are fictional, they’re still part of my continuous flow of consciousness, and they’re always steps towards further poems that are intended to represent the truth… so, as part of the greater whole of my stream of creative writing output, they also bring me closer towards the truth. (but, obviously, that’s just me)


      1. you might get a kick out of “word paletting”; it’s a series of poetry – writing strategies that I began to use, following my craniotomy, in 1987.

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