Wonders, or: Awkward charm

one wonders whether
to tweak two weak, awkward lines
or savor third's charm

Sometimes, you get things right the first time. Others, the second. But the third time, they say, is the charm.

Sarah Dessen (b. 1970)

18 thoughts on “Wonders, or: Awkward charm”

  1. To edit or not to edit – that is the question! It is the poet’s dilemma. I tend to edit them to death but I’ve made the determination that I must put a limit on the edits – for the month of June I’m limiting myself to 2 edits (not counting spelling and grammar). I’ll see if my head explodes!

  2. I’ve always liked that proverb although I don’t believe in it at all. But always savor charm, no matter its position I say. (K)

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