Forth, or: Baby steps

My 1st kerf

            it's a risk to live life;
      every step a person takes
could lead to tragedy, suffering, pain.
            men shall always know strife;
      diseases; deaths; hurts, heartbreaks;
these horrors have driven people insane.
            newborns given no choice;
      parents choose to bring them forth,
hoping they will find our hard world humane.
            at their cries we rejoice
      when they join us here on earth...
though happiness ~ is hardly preordained.

A d’Verse poetics prompt:

Take a risk!

At d’Verse, we were encouraged to explore the theme of risk.  Possibilities included –

  • tackling difficult subjects;
  • laying bare a personal struggle in vivid detail;
  • writing on any topic as long the word “risk” is used (perhaps the risk we take falling in love);
  • exploring a new writing form that you may find “risky” or unconventional

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