Forth, or: Baby steps

My 1st kerf

            it's a risk to live life;
      every step a person takes
could lead to tragedy, suffering, pain.
            men shall always know strife;
      diseases; deaths; hurts, heartbreaks;
these horrors have driven people insane.
            newborns given no choice;
      parents choose to bring them forth,
hoping they will find our hard world humane.
            at their cries we rejoice
      when they join us here on earth...
though happiness ~ is hardly preordained.

A dโ€™Verse poetics prompt:

Take a risk!

At d’Verse, we were encouraged to explore the theme of risk.  Possibilities included โ€“

  • tackling difficult subjects;
  • laying bare a personal struggle in vivid detail;
  • writing on any topic as long the word โ€œriskโ€ is used (perhaps the risk we take falling in love);
  • exploring a new writing form that you may find โ€œriskyโ€ or unconventional

75 thoughts on “Forth, or: Baby steps”

  1. Even at the bottom of Pandora’s box of evils there was said to be hope, to which we cling tenaciously, and which manifests itself in the eyes of each newborn.

  2. Well written in both form and message! I know some of my friends have mentioned they believe it’s too scary to bring a child into the world the way it is. In the end, happiness is not preordained, but new life has definitely been the design here for a while!

  3. These lines like the rest of them are so very true, David :-
    parents choose to bring them forth,
    hoping they will find our hard world humane.

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