Seven, or: Less

seven playful words
celebrating syllables
poetry party

six participants
disappointedly watching
companion's exit

five merrymakers
syllabify together

remaining quadrumvirate


The above series of senryūs was inspired by this quote by Khalil Gibran:

We shall never understand one another until we reduce the language to seven words.

d’Verse ‘Open Link Night’

I would like to share this with the d’Verse community this evening…

It’s primarily a poetic exercise, but I’m rather pleased with how it came out! For some reason, I’ve been writing a lot of senryūs this week…

80 thoughts on “Seven, or: Less”

      1. One other thing…
        I find it difficult to maneuver your website if I don’t go through the WordPress reader.
        I just can’t figure out where your latest posts are.
        Also, in the reader, they don’t appear date wise. New to old. Maybe it’s a problem only I face…can’t say.

        1. Terveen, please check out this graphic below – it has an arrow pointing to the link to all of my blog posts in chronological order. As for WordPress Reader, I cannot control that 😦

          1. It’s an Indian name. I think its origin is in the Sanskrit language.
            It means ‘guiding light’.
            I couldn’t guide myself through your website though. Lol!

  1. I must admit that I have been mind blown over this poem. I have learnt a great deal from such an incredible, unique and creative poem. Thank you for sharing.

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