Regulations, or: Recommendations

A gogyohka

what if a gogyohka had lines four
instead of the assigned five
that's certainly hard for me to imagine
but here's what it might look like
if a poet wrote it
to include a sixth

28 thoughts on “Regulations, or: Recommendations”

  1. I actually believe this particular form does have the flexibility to add or subtract a line. In any case, you learn the rules and then you learn how to bend then into different shapes. Life. (K)

      1. I’ve written a few. 8 syllables per four line stanzas of rhyme aaab, cccb, dddb etc the b rhyme forming an ‘epic’ focus. I’m sick Andrew tired of the appropriated Japanese haiku form forced into service in the West.

          1. I’ve tagged them Utenzi if you follow that tag. Most are reactions to the haiku pulp we are forced to consider. Which westerner can properly get any meaningful sense out of 17 syllables 5,7,5? I simply don’t get it.

          2. This was anti haiku reaction, guess any other format would have suited, swahili haiku happened to be a for I chanced upon

  2. David,
    You wrote a ไบ”่กŒๆญŒ without writing a ไบ”่กŒๆญŒ: so recommendations. Have a great weekend!

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