The daily grind, or: Staying home

A gogyohka

staying home from kindergarten 
is absolutely necessary 
clearly, there's no question
the daily grind wears a six-year-old out

39 thoughts on “The daily grind, or: Staying home”

  1. I fought the all day kindergarten 28 years ago when they went to all day and had to go the the board. I presented David Elkind’s info in “The hurried Child”.
    The principle said “what part of this do you agree with and she said “Everything” and we had optional at least.

  2. My mother needed a temperature of 110 to even think of keeping me home. I don’t ever remember my daughters asking to stay home, even though they weren’t always that excited about school. But I suspect their friends were lots more interesting than I was. They do ask me if I can snowplow parent now though and get them out of the next day’s work. (K)

  3. The Kindergarten I remember was only fun, and we cried like that if we could not go. The intensity and grind on childrens lives has increased to sad levels nowadays.

  4. A kind and wise parent decision. Sometimes the best choice is a day of rest. 😴 After all, I think they did away with kindergarten naps a long time ago. πŸ˜„

    1. yeah! It’s horrible – in Israel, the norm is that they no longer have nap time after the age of 3. We had to pay for a private preschool in order to give her nap time between ages 3-4… and then we couldn’t find anything with nap time after that.



      1. That is too bad, truly. Young ones need quiet/rest time (so do old ones). It seems that parenting children is becoming more complicated with each passing year. The basics – or what should be the basics – loving, protecting, nurturing, guiding, etc., will never change. πŸ’• You two are clearly doing a wonderful job, doing what is right for your family. Best to you and your wife as you navigate parenting in this modern world.

  5. Amazing poem as always! Also, I hope no one has forgotten-
    The empty bags
    No books or pens
    Those bright days
    Of Kindergarten!

    Those little activities
    β€˜Fancy dress’, β€˜My favourite toy’
    The little mischiefs
    The bundle of joy!

    Those were the carefree days
    No headaches, no strife
    I bet you can’t disagree
    That was the life!
    Progressing through school years, every past year begins to seem better than the next one! And being a tenth grader, I really really miss the carefree days of kindergarten upto fifth!
    Once again, stunning poem!

    1. our daughter will be on break for all of August – that will take some coordination πŸ™‚

      today was just a gift to her – letting her stay with us because she was exhausted, even after a night’s sleep.

      1. I think you made the right decision. I still remember my mum doing that for me ❀️ our school holidays last two months πŸ˜… I think strategic deployment of Nonna will be necessary…

  6. This is adorable. Everyone needs a day off here and there, including kids. There’s nothing wrong with that and it’s good for them to know that it’s okay to take breaks.

    Beautifully penned, David! ❀️

  7. p.s. my response was coloured by the way I spent my morning – listening to a very clever oral presentation by a high-brow barrister whom I previously met acting for the Govt. , i.e. against me (She is so intelligent, almost restores my faith in her profession.)

  8. This made me smile! I guess my inner 6 year old has had enough of school too! Although I have commitments I’m dragging my feet and considering cancelling plans….

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