Leave, or: Leaves

My 1st chōka

‘Leaves and yellow curb’ by Glenn Buttkus
brown blanket threadbare
tattered shivering bodies
trampled by spiders
succumbing to elements
blown cold against curb
blue pebbles await beyond
golden barrier
chance crevice veiled by despair
only one dares hope
haltingly extends upwards
feeling its way to heaven

d’Verse poetics prompt:

‘Exploring the realm of Minimalist Photography’

At d’Verse, we were instructed to select one of twelve photographs by Glenn Buttkus and write a poem. It could be an ekphrastic poem. It could be philosophical, dark, romantic, or solemn. Share what you feel about Minimalist photography when you see it. The idea here is to provoke an emotion, and what better way to pour them out rather than poetry?

I selected the 4th photograph, titled ‘Leaves and yellow curb’ and penned a chōka.

75 thoughts on “Leave, or: Leaves”

    1. TJS, I’m not an artist, but I have been finding that using color on my poems gives them a bit of extra flavor… it’s something that printed poems usually can’t/don’t have.


  1. It’s a new form to me, but I like the way you’ve done it, especially the alliteration and the colours: are they part of the form, or your addition?

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