May, or: May not be?!

A gogyohka

"punc.tuation [truly] (really) ~
¿fascinates?! me so...
& so does the utter
lack of it which may or may
not be confusing if you catch my drift and even if not should I care I mean does anyone


47 thoughts on “May, or: May not be?!”

  1. The author who wrote James and the Giant Peach, never learned punctuation. (Roald Dahl) Turns out his wife edited his work after he’d kept it all in a trunk. She helped him get published. Punctuation doesn’t matter, if you KNOW how to listen. Become breathless.
    Hey thanks for checking out my posts by the way!

      1. Awesome. Of course he was your favorite! Me too.
        Hey, I am having trouble following your blog. It kept bumping me. I wasn’t sure if my comment even made it… I’ll try again if it’s ok with you?

        1. Not sure why you’d be having trouble following the blog, Arie… 🤷‍♂️
          If you look directly at my blog (rather than through the Reader), there’s a link to subscribe at the bottom.


          1. Cool beans, I will attempt that to follow you once again. But what’s up with Ben alexander being David?

          2. ‘David’ is my first name. ‘ben’ means ‘son of’ in Hebrew, and my father’s name was ‘Alexander’ – my blog was created in his memory.

            All best,

          3. btw David, I have a good buddy named David. Of the best kind. Hope you had a good fathers day and much love and peace to you honoring Ben Alexander. Again, thanks for taking the time. ~Z

  2. hahaha you are going punctuation free today well two can play at that game even if it can make communication less clear being competitive is not always a good things when people dont follow the rules poets are notorious for that very thing

    1. I know those darned poets are so difficult to understand when they start acting all clever as if everyone should simply understand them with no difficulties regardless of how they pen their works it’s incredibly inconsiderate if you ask me but what can you do it turns out that most of my friends are poet the bastards

    1. that is true Gauri although it is still important that other people can actually understand what we write otherwise what is the point of our poems personally I am not only writing for myself and I would like to think that others derive some amount of meaning from my verses which I would like to preserve

    1. for sure Ingrid I think it’s personal choice and that is the fun part of poetry in comparison to prose right it’s a matter of how we want our words to be processed by others which grants us a lot of flexibility in the matter personally it’s something that I may play with more in the future what do you think

  3. Ooh, I love this one! Punctuation should be only used for fun, that is, when we don’t use it properly. 😉

    I enjoyed reading it. Great writing!

    1. thanks so much Lucy you are very kind and I really appreciate your perspective when it comes to poetry because you write so beautifully and inspiringly that your poems draw me and other readers I assume also in

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