Either me, or: You

My 2nd naani

How long does it take you
to write one word? For some
reason, it
takes //me// an overly long time

37 thoughts on “Either me, or: You”

  1. I write very fast. I might go back and edit here and there for fluidity, but the bulk of what I do is immediate. Leonard Cohen famously took a long time to write songs/poems. Anthem took him ten years! Dylan was more automatic….Cohen might well be the better writer.

  2. I agree and also agree with the opinions expressed in the comments! I am putting my editing on pause so that I can at least be productive – then I read them and sit on my hands so that I don’t edit them to death…

  3. Depends on the piece and the word. I will say that it’s often a sign that something about the piece isn’t working and that I’m better off putting in the wrong word as a placeholder, setting it aside, and revising later with fresh eyes.

      1. Yes, I think so. I tend to also remember things as images… E.g. the colours of a magazine cover will come to my mind quicker than the title etc. I guess it is just the way my brain is wired. Sometimes people have such a talent with words I am amazed… though I can write, it’s always a struggle, it doesn’t flow easily. πŸ˜βœ’οΈπŸŽ¨πŸ“

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