Coffee, or: Ambrosia

My 1st copla real

One point at the back of my head
That is where all the caffeine goes
I quiver, held up by a thread
Until thick dark ambrosia flows
Without which I'd rather be dead

Lethargy and feebleness spread
My mind convulsing in dry throes
Running late is what I most dread
While rushing to throw on my clothes
What I'd give for coffee instead!

24 thoughts on “Coffee, or: Ambrosia”

  1. I once spent a weekend visiting my aunt and uncle who had no caffeine in the house, not even tea. What a headache I had for 3 days. As soon as I got to the airport, Starbucks was my first stop. (K)

  2. I love this new-to-me form! I never developed a taste for coffee. I did try in college (which is where many became coffee drinkers) but could never stomach the taste. I’m completely decaffeinated having given up cola drinks about 10 years ago… I can however relate as my husband “Sparky” has zero spark until he has that first cup of coffee!

  3. Drinking a freshly made coffee right now (unusual, but I didn’t make time for it this morning… (had headache from the lack of it)… this poem is so relatable. Love it!

  4. Living in a Coffee Exporting Country and consuming my fair share every day (Volio is my favorite brand) I can appreciate your theme and seeing the rhyme scheme, appreciate how you did it impeccably….this poem, your first copla real and mine too in the reading. Funny, when I first saw the title, Ben, I thought it said “Copa Real” Real Cup…like a real cup of coffee to shake off the lethargy”:)

    1. โค Thanks so much, Karima โค

      How are you doing? I'm sitting here drink some decaf (it's late at night) because even just the flavor of coffee soothes me!


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