Focus, or: Hocus

A naani

sometimes I think // other 
times can't focus // though the
results tend to
be much the same // so why bother?

39 thoughts on “Focus, or: Hocus”

  1. Focus is one of my biggest problems. When I’m gifted with it occasionally it’s amazing how much gets done. But mostly, it’s elusive. (K)

  2. Focus is at times elusive but most of the time I’m hyper focused. (Had to learn to focus to survive the open concept classroom experience)

    1. it’s weird, right? I’m like that too – I might be collapsing from exhaustion at the keyboard, and next thing I know there’s a poem on my screen πŸ™‚

  3. Ah, that slippery beast that is focus. I used to be bad at it when it came to my own creative work β€” I guess my day job used up most of my focus. Thankfully, my focus has become better as I’ve grown older.

  4. Ooh, I feel this. Sometimes, I find it’s not worth the effort anymore if it won’t change. Something’s gotta give.

  5. Are you the kind of person who consciously sits down to think? I rarely do but I know people who do… the ones I think of immediately are all male. They nut out a problem – just sit there thinking very busily. I mull things over but my mind leaps about quite unpredictably… usually while I’m doing something else like driving or sweeping or hanging out washing. I still come up with good ideas. I just don’t follow any stepping stones to find them. Sometimes wish I could.

      1. I can be a pacer too when it comes to ideas, David. Sometimes, I sit, and other times, I get ideas while doing other things that don’t themselves require a lot of thinking.

        1. I can relate to that πŸ™‚

          My pacing usually comes after something unexpected has come to me and I’m trying to puzzle through how to articulate it.

          Thanks, Susan.


          1. I was a pacer when being imaginative from childhood. When I’m writing fiction, sometimes I feel the need to pace and kind of see the scene played out in my mind first.

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