Indoors, or: Sunshine

A haibun

In Israel, as of last week, the mask requirement has been lifted, even indoors. Israelis are now entirely free to walk around in malls and supermarkets. And, of course, my little sunshine was thrilled to return to her beloved Gymboree at the mall next to her kindergarten. She’s always been much more active at indoor playgrounds than she tends be outdoors in the heat… she loves pushing the huge cushions around and jumping onto and off of them. She revels in the trampolines, the enormous air mattress, the ball pit, the mini-soccer field, the slide, the chain bridges… and she knows the layout of her local Gymboree by heart, for she’s been there more times than either of us can count.

This is a little sunshine who generally prefers to sit and read, to watch videos, to draw and paint, to imagine fantasy universes with herself in the role of benign heroine. Just today, when I picked her up from kindergarten, she was engrossed in solving mathematics equations by herself on a piece of paper and appreciated it when I picked up a marker to show her that multiplication is really just addition. Still, despite her proclivities, she was even more pleased when I told her that we would be going to the Gymboree again. After all, it had been shut down during the pandemic… and she had really missed her favorite playground.

To be honest, I had too.

sunshine climbs so high
brighter than she's smiled all year
remembers her course

d’Verse haibun Monday

Solstice I

Whether you are visiting the beach for the first day of summer, or building the first snowman of winter, breathe in the solstice air. At d’Verse, we were prompted to celebrate the day with an original haibun that alludes to the solstice, whether summer or winter.

New to haibun? The form consists of one to a few paragraphs of prose — usually written in the present tense — that evoke an experience and are often non-fictional and/or autobiographical. They may be preceded or followed by one or more haiku — nature-based, using a seasonal image — that complement without directly repeating what the prose stated.

87 thoughts on “Indoors, or: Sunshine”

  1. So sweet! Thanks for sharing, David. For the most part, we’ve stopped wearing masks in the States, too. Although I must say the lifting of requirements has been very vague haha

    1. Here it hasn’t been vague… but people haven’t been entirely consistent in following the regulations… but still… until just recently, our infection rate had actually dropped to zero! Now we’re a bit concerned again because a new strain may be spreading 😦

  2. This one put a big smile on my lips. And your Haiku is wonderful. So happy life is getting back to “normal”. My youngest have missed going to the cinema most of all. He wasn’t still or quiet one second when we recently went.

    1. I can only imagine, Helene! It’s been so suffocating to be cooped up all the time! Especially for the little ones (and those of us who have to entertain them during lockdowns!)


    1. 😀 well, this little one is fairly risk averse! … but the Gymboree is a safe space for her because of all the cushions and because of her familiarity with it!


      1. Risk averse is good. I visited every clinic and hospital in our area with the eldest before she was seven with broken arms, punctured head (twice) gouged knees etc etc. Absolutely fearless.

                1. I magically got out of my crib somehow as a baby, but didn’t break anything and crawled over to my Dad who couldn’t believe his eyes – he actually went over to the crib to make sure that he wasn’t imagining things 🙂

  3. Oh perfect Haiku for your little Sunshine❣️
    She sounds very balanced liked I’d expect David.
    my kids loved Gymboree and Nurtur-ee ( 5 great mo- 3 years).
    I loved nurtur-ee…. I can’t tell you how many times I fell asleep on the floor ( parents stayed with their kids in nurturee). With 4 kids so close it was a Godsend with built in baby
    sittting. 🤣

    Glad things are opening..
    Hoping things stay safe 🙏❤️

                  1. We didn’t think so much … like now a days.
                    Everything is skrutinized, discussed, turned over at nauseum. Not bad and most likely better since there’s more discussion of what once can handle, afford, our world etc. However, now people think they can control all aspects of time, desires, want that they miss the window cuz they’re still thinking and the time passes them by.

                    I had a hit and trusted my gut except the 3rd that snuck in and then I said what’s one more……

                    A LOT!

                    I’d be a lot more flush finacially and probs talk more often to one or the other but I wouldn’t trade it. The gift is I never expected them to like each other just respect one another and it turns out they are Best friends which is so heartwarming.

                    I also have a great husband who is the BEST father to my kids ever and a mom and stepdad that always wanted to babysit.
                    Before I’d plan another I’d ask my mom “are you ready for another?”

                    She always shouted a resounding “YES”

                    And at 85 begging for a grandchild.

                    As for me, I just say if you want me to babysit ya better hurry up cuz I’ve had my fill and cats and dogs😹🥰

                    TMI maybe but you did ask 😻

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