Dangerous, or: Horizonless


When you start to live outside yourself, it’s all dangerous.

Ernest Hemingway (1899 – 1961)
write safe words never utter crowd
out white space press a dull nib dipped
in life ink pour more

than enough to cover horizonless
pages of sheerest all color streaming into
one blinding plane

as searing brave light tears through
mortal like piercing angel eyes and demon 
death breath only

faith fire shall forever drown in heavy
deep black and burgundy wet that 
conceal truth

when written over and over each
other collapse cells until that you inside
cannot escape

d’Verse poetics prompt:

One true sentence

The d’Verse challenge was to pick one of Hemingway’s quotes to be inspired by and write a poem. Do NOT use the quote in your poem, but please do include the quote on your post page somewhere, with Hemingway’s name as the source of inspiration.

44 thoughts on “Dangerous, or: Horizonless”

  1. I enjoyed this one! By the time I’d finished I was left with the impression of writing lines – 100 times “I will not talk out of turn”

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