Minimum, or: Maximum

A gogyohka

imagining the minimum
that could constitute one verse
challenges the mind
still, that's nothing compared to
imagining the maximum

36 thoughts on “Minimum, or: Maximum”

  1. Very true! I am challenged by brevity, but a poem with lengthy longevity, now that could take a lifetime of imagining! ๐Ÿคช I like her hat, dress, and gloves. Do you wear that when you are writing poetry? ๐Ÿ˜†

  2. Imagining a verse so long there are not enough quarks in the universe to store it, if one quark could store just one bit.
    Would that be possible, or would the laws of poetic verse dictate an end to the verse long before?
    Does poetic verse have any mathematical law?
    Are our poems just like physics contained by intricate math coded in the universe or perhaps our collective subconscious?
    How socially constructed are the laws of poetry, does our nature restrict them at all?
    Just some of the questions of pondering a maximum verse.
    We may never know, or perhaps in the future, we will.

      1. I have some mathematical training and quite like me some philosophy, poems are no stranger to me. The universe prepared me to ask these questions ๐Ÿ˜‰
        (actually I’m less competent than this comment implies, but it is not a complete fiction)

          1. Sad some people die before you (really) get to know them. I had an uncle who read a lot of philosophy in his spare time, but unfortunately, he passed away before I got into philosophy as much as I am now.

            It’s nice how you keep your Papa alive in a way through this blog and its title. Would love if someone would have done that for my uncle. Present some of his ideas and write about him online.

          2. It’s really very self-centered, Selon… it’s like a form of self-therapy for me – an outlet for me to express my grief when I feel that I need to. I mean, I do think that my father would have appreciated it and been proud of me for it, but in honesty, I couldn’t say that I’m doing it for him, per se.

            In that context, I think every mourner ultimately has to figure out what his/her grief outlet shall be…


          3. Perhaps it’ll be, or is, appreciated by people in your family too. The line between self-centered and not self-centered expressions of grief might also be a bit blurry. At least it’s a good thing what you’re doing


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